Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Royal Wedding

In less then five hours Commoner Catherine "Kate" Middleton will become a Princess. My mother watched the Royal Wedding in 1981 and a year later Kate, William and myself were born in 1982. When I was younger, I realized who Prince Williams was and like most girls wanted marry him or any other "Prince." I grew up playing games such as Pretty Pretty Princess, attended or organized Princess birthday parties. Girls grew up watching Disney movies such as The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. There was no escaping the "I want to be a Princess!" syndrome. With this comes spectacular, over-done weddings to be a Princess/Queen for the day.

With Kate and William, they appear to be low-key and doing things their way for the wedding. Yes, I will be up to watch the closely guarded dress that Kate will wear at Westminster Abbey. One day I can tell my children that I watched the royal wedding of my generation. I think her gown will complement her and can't wait to post the gown after the wedding. One of my dream dresses for a wedding would come from Allure Bridals Collection. The gown is gorgeous.

Here's to Prince William and Kate. Many well wishes to the two of you and your family!


  1. I saw clips of the royal wedding I love it, and kate looked incredible!

  2. Yes Kate looked beautiful. On my other blog, definingartsyfashion.blogspot I have a posting of the wedding. My fav is the one when she is outside pulling the veil from her face and all you see is Kate glowing.